Barmy for its aging folks…

Young citizens working far away from home rue that with no planning of any old age club/library, the city is non serious for its aging citizens

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In the advancing years of life one needs more comfort , care and attention. Young Shimla citizens living else where across the world for employment rue that the heritage city has no eye of seriousness towards its old citizens. Even when the World bank is spending hefty money on beautification of city, it seems the  old citizens of the erstwhile summer capital have been almost forgotten , they added. They say that while living far away from their older parents, feel sad as the town has no place for their dotage to visit for time consumption after retirement.

“ Old citizens library and a club for then ask the government to take our taxes and donation to build it,” stated Raghav Gupta a citizens living in Delhi. Many more like me would be willing to donate for such a club or place where our parents can go and spend time in the afternoon,” added Raghav.

Whereby except the coffee house in the city, the middle class old age citizens (that too only males) have no other option to spend time or interact with their age group. “Unless one is a gambler a couple of city clubs are available,” stated Vivek another citizen. Moreover neither the coffee house, nor any of the clubs offer any literary environs for these citizens.  Wherein the city is still ruing for playgrounds it feels that the old times needs should be addressed too simultaneously.

Talking about old age ladies perhaps have not even a single affordable option in the city. Besides visiting religious chats, social functions, these ladies have nowhere where they could visit on regular basis. And since the vacuum is for both the genders, the city requires to create some place which could be accessible to the couple collectively.

These citizens demand that a place like US club or elsewhere in the main city should be demarcated for old citizens of the city. It should developed like a old age citizens club/ library. Wherein under one roof these elders together as couple or as the case maybe can relish their interests.  While demanding it from the government,these citizens say that such place would even keep their nerves calm while working far from homes, as then they would be assured that their parents are in good hands.


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