Kuldeep Singh

October 15, 2020

The state Congress party warns of statewide agitation if Rohtang tunnel foundation stone plaque stone by Sonia Gandhi is not restored. Criticizing the state government and terming the action as tampering with history, Congress President Kuldeep Singh Rathore in a press conference has  reminded of the letter written by him to CM in which the ultimatum of 15 days for restoring the foundation stone plaque of Congress National President Sonia Gandhi at Rohtang Tunnel. The same was removed was removed at the time of inauguration.

Recently the Congress party had filed a FIR in the matter. Where after SP Kullu had stated that the foundation plaque is in custody of mechanical workshop company SAJV which is working for/ under BRO. The BRO has also mentioned that as soon as the orders are received by concerned authorities the foundation stone will be placed as before.

Taking cue from the statement given by BRO’s  Rathore  questioned the government that on whose orders this foundation stone was removed, should be made public & Orders for its original placement should be given as soon.

He also mentioned that the Congress does not want to make it a political issue, but if it is not restored on time, the government should be ready to deal with state wide protests in the matter. “The government would be responsible entirety for any repercussion’s,” stated Rathore.

“The removal of this foundation stone from its actual place is a violation of the dignity of democracy and completely immoral and unconventional,” added Rathore. He said that the kind of politics BJP is doing about the construction of Rohtang Tunnel is very condemnable and its removal shows the character ability of this government and poor mentality.


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