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Shimla, Oct 15
No restriction has been imposed on entry of Indian Armed forces vehicles in Atal Tunnel. Himachal Pradesh Police stated today that it had not imposed any restrictions on the
movement or entry of Indian Armed Forces Vehicles in the newly commissioned Atal Tunnel. The statement came as a clarification after a media report published today that vehicles of Indian Army carrying Arms and Ammunition would not be allowed in the tunnel.
A press statement issued by the Office of Director General of Police , Himachal Pradesh stated that a news item misquoting submission of proposal of HP police to bar the entry of army and civilian trucks carrying arms, ammunition, explosives through the Atal Tunnel has been published today.
A spokesman of state police quoted saying that ” this media report is factually incorrect ”.
It further added that BRO has restricted the movement of vehicles carrying inflammable items such as Petroleum oil, Lubricants, LPG cylinders , explosives etc vide its order on Oct 3, 2020 till deployment of proper security cover,” mentioned the press statement.
A draft proposal for appropriate security arrangement at the Atal Tunnel is under submission with the state Government, he added.
It is worthwhile to mention here that Kullu police have deployed 35 police personnel inside and near the tunnel to check  traffic violations.  The police are trying to ensure that there’s no over speeding, overtaking,  rash driving or unnecessary stopping of vehicle inside the tunnel,” said a police official. Personnel from the Lahaul-Spiti police have also been deployed  on the northern side of the tunnel.
The state police beefed up the security and patrolling inside the tunnel and outside following an accident on the road leading to the tunnel’s south portal on Oct 7 when a truck fell on a parked car.  So far seven vehicles have been challaned for overspeeding on Oct 7 and three on Oct 8 inside and near the tunnel.

The number of minor accidents due to rash driving inside the newly-inaugurated Atal Tunnel at Rohtang have prompted the Himachal Pradesh police to deploy teams of traffic personnel inside and near the tunnel.

BRO officials confirmed that many people using the tunnel have been indulging in over speeding and negligent driving. “Minor accidents are occuring on almost a daily basis. On Thursday, too, three such accidents took place.

There has been no injury or serious damage in any of these accidents, and they’re mostly limited to dents in vehicles. It usually happens  during overtaking or over speeding, or when a vehicle suddenly comes to a halt, he added.
Media report released about not permitting the Armed vehicles carrying the arms and ammunition quoted as the outcome of a security meeting held recently with the state DGP  Sanjay Kundu, district Administration and BRO.
The News items appear in an English daily today said that HP Police proposed that the state government bar the entry of army and civilian trucks  carrying arms, ammunition and explosive through the strategic tunnel, attributing the proposal to five member committees set by the DGP Sanjay Kundu to suggest the measures of the tunnel security .
However the police did not contradict the rest of information about the tunnel’s security arrangements. The tunnel was provided all weather round the clock connectivity to Manali to Leh as the project was designed mainly with the purpose of strategic interest.


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