Shimla, Apr 5

Standing by the oath of allegiance to the constitution of India, swearing to enforce the law strictly, without fear or favour, two police constables of the Himachal police have set an example. These two lady cops on prisoner duty met with an accident on Monday. However, when the cops were given preference by the Ambulance Service to get them to medical aid, they refused to leave without the prisoner. 

On April 4, an HRTC Bus had an unfortunate accident at Chandigarh-Manali National Highway near Deyod-Pandoh, Mandi. Two female constables of Shimla District, LC Anju posted at PP Summer Hill and LC Sheetal posted at FMPS BCS were on prisoner duty from MC Jail Kanda. They had boarded the same bus with a female prisoner while returning to Shimla after a hearing at the Kullu Court. However, both the lady constables and the prisoner lady got severely injured in the accident. 

During the rescue process, lady constables were given preference in the ambulance to go to the hospital for Medial aid. However, they refused to leave without the prisoner. They left the site only once they had secured the injured female prisoner. 

The DGP-HP has also appreciated both the lady constables and granted CC Class-1st along with cash reward of Rs. 500/- each for their exemplary work. ” Shimla Police appreciates their devotion towards their duty by which they have honoured the Khakhi,” stated the DGP.


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