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Shimla, July 19

COVID-19 active cases have swelled up by more than 261 per cent in the past ten days in the State of Himachal Pradesh. The COVID-19 cases have multiplied, with every passing day since the beginning of this month. As per report by the State government, nCoV active patients on July 8, were 1010; the same has now gone up to 2645 as of July 18.

Infact, on July 18 , it was the first time when per day new cases went up above 500 mark in 4th wave of Covid.
Taking the per day positivity rate, which was 8.3 per cent on July 8, was recorded at 14.9 per cent on July 18. On July 8, the number who tested positive was 191, and the total tests conducted were 2876. However, on July 18, the total cases reported were 564, whereas the total tests done were 3776, thus raising the graph of worries.
The average positivity rate for the past seven days remained 11.9 per cent. Wherein in the previous week, it was recorded around 8 per cent.
Evaluating the overall positivity rate, which was 6.09 per cent on July 8, grew to 6.12 per cent by July 18. The cumulative total Corona positive till July 18 is 290470, against a total tested 4742069.
The rising cases have also started showing their impact among crowds, as many aware citizens are again being witnessed wearing masks and following social distancing norms. Even though the State government is keeping a close eye on the situation, stringent measures are still not being made mandatory by the health authorities.


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