Shimla, Sep 16

COVID-19 spread situation in HP is not different as in other states. Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur informed the state Assembly on Wednesday that the cabinet decided to withdraw the E-Covid Registration condition to allow entry of people in thestate opening state border on the direction of Union Government.

Thakur gave a suomoto statement.Giving details of the decision of the Council of Ministers meeting held on Tuesday evening and replying about the opposition queries about the Covid situation, Chief Minister said that the COVID-19 pandemic is increasing with turning up the number of cases and the condition of the state is not different that of other states.

”The E-Registration process is completely lifted now, the centre has also asked the state to remove this process. Decision was made to open all state broder on the direction of the Government of India to open the interstate movement by people to not restrict their movement anymore.” 

Chief Minister stated.”All the states have already opened their border earlier, however in Himachal decisions was made not to open the border without registration mechanism keeping some reservations in mind . Number of suggestions are pouring to state to lift registration,  to facilitate the people who are facing problems as workers who wanted to enter in the state are not able to comply with the registration norms. CoMs also decided to consider the new ICMR policy for Covid-19 also  being followed other states in the country but some how not being implemented completely in the state.”If any Covid patient found positive in the state he is not allowed to be discharged or go out of covid- care centre without confirming testing after ten days but now

If any one would found asymptomatic one would be allowed to discharged without test,” Chief Minister said. The the ICMR following new policy on Covid patients has already allowed to release such pienents without testing provided if he is symptomatic.Chief Minister said that the state decided to not to follow ICMR guidelines earlier as a man who had tested nine times did not come negative and similar cases also noticed in the state.Thakur said that Government decided to open five new Makeshift hospital to be open at Shimla, Una , Nahan, Nalagarh and Tanda to  be equipped with 250 bed hospitals to cater the increase in the flux of Covid patients opening of borders in the state. ”New policy of Nursing courses would also be framed as all courses being allowed by the government have been suspended and new courses would be allowed with opening of a new hospitaland increasing of demand of such staff,” he stated.Giving another statement on the Covid situation Chief Minister said that number of 
new patients continues increasing which is matter of concern to all. State Government is already completely in the state of preparedness since advent of outbreak as its institutions and administration were kept in high alert. The Mechanism developed to meet the eventuality. The infrastructure was created as eight new testing labs were created where  RAT and PC-RCT Testing are being done. He said that three tier systems were developed to facilitate the Covid patients which include COVID care centre, District Covid Units and critical Covid Hospital. Initially state was not in position to conduct 120 to 130 and currently we have capacity to conduct five thousand tests of Covid daily.  

”Negligible Covid patient are required to Oxygen and Ventilators facilities in the state for which Emergency Covid care centre or hospitals are being designated at IGMC ShimlaDr Rajinder Prassad Medical College Tanda and Mandi.”Initially the impact of Covid was so worse in the state as entire health services crippled however 
the mechanism made to conduct the testing and admission of Covid patients on the spot to catter the chaos in the hospitals.  

”People were so paranoid soon after testing of Covid patients that they forceing to evict its victims outside the village with utmost concern,”  Thakur said. According to the Chief Minister of Delhi 95,000 Covid patients recovered in home isolation.  In the state currently there are about 1,655 Covid patients in home isolation as 45 per cent decided to remain in home isolation .

People are opting for home isolation after testing positive, Chief Minister said. Stressing to increase the awareness of the Covid pandemic, the Chief Minister said that members of ruling and 
opposition benches should commit to create awareness about it and urged people to isolate them at their homes.Chief Minister said that Covid patients are increasing in the state with allowing the entry of people  from other states. The economical activities are being allowed and cases are increasing also. He said that 10,335 people are tested positive for the nCoV which is not to much compared to bordering states likePunjab, Harayan and Uttarakhand and New Delhi.”

It is painful if any one died of Covid however this number is very low compared to the other states. As many as 88 died of  the pandemic and this percentage is 2.8 percent of the total case. The situation of COVID-19 is alarming in the state and people should remain more alert now. He said that people should not take fever, influenza and other symptoms lightly and they should opt for testing if they found any symptoms.

”Instead of being panicked, people should remain alert and adopt the precautions and guidelines like adopting social distancing and wearing the masks and confined to isolation if they find them with any symptoms.The infections are very rapid now as at one 40 to 50 patients are coming at once in the outskirts and villages in the state. Any patients who found positive for the outbreak is being analyzed promotely for his history and contacts being tracing.Number of frontline workers including doctors, Nurses, police personnels, home-guards are  being infected in large numbers and after testing positive and recovering from the Covid  such warrier are opeted to again serve in the hospital and returned to their duties. 

Earlier to this Opposition leader Mr Mukesh Agnihotri said that People of state earlier relying upon Jai Ram Government however, now when the number of cases went up to above10,000and death toll of 100 people of state are relying upon God. Agnihotri said taht state had imposed lockdown when there are only one death and 
very few cases but when there are more than ten thousands deaths and hundreds of causality due to pandemic state cabinet opened up the gate of state to the outsiders. 


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