Cong walkout for not allowing discussion on SC/ST sections

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Shimla, Sep 17
Opposition Congress on Thursday, staged walk out from the state assembly protesting against the ruling of Chair not allowing to raise the issue of discrimination of SC/ST sections in the state.
Reason- detailed
As the house assembled for the day proceeding on the eight day of Monsoon session Congress member of Kinnuar Jagat Singh Negi said that four members of Congress moved an adjournment motion under rule 67 for the reason that people from  Schedule caste and Schedule tribe communities are being deprived of the reservation benefits in the Government jobs and money of tribal and SC sub-plan was not being released for the development of tribal areas or fund the SC/ST component  schemes.  Speaker Vipin Singh Parmar urged the member to hear his ruling on the issue and maintain order in the house by not disrupting proceeding. Congress members however did not relent and they kept on pressing the issues.
Speaker said that he had yet to decide the notice and they should allow the proceedings of Assembly today. Not relenting to repeated requests of speaker Negi alleged that a dominate section of Scheduled Caste and Schedule Tribals are part of this house and elected for the assembly but they are being ignored depriving them the  discussion. Negi said that it is highly unfortunate that he wanted to raise the issue under rule  67 in the house but discussion was not being accepted.
”Money of Tribal sub-plan money is not being provided for the tribal areas, Scheduled Castes and Tribal students are being discriminated in the school  during the mid-day meals. He appealed all the member of SC and ST communities present in the house to support him on the issue.”
The spat
As Parliamentary Affairs minister Suresh Bhardwaj wanted to speak on the issue he was opposed by Leader of Opposition Mukesh Agnihotri and the two had a spat in the house accusing each other.
Speaker made an futile attempt to pacify opposition members but they kept on protesting demanding discussion immediately suspending rest of business listed in the house. Later they walkout from the house in protest but after few minutes they returned and participated in the discussion.
Speaker said
Speaker condemning the walk out said that a Member of Congress party raised an issue about not extending the benefit of reservation to people belonged to SC/ST section and dearth of money for SC/ST sub-plan in the state.
”The issue raised by Opposition were two different issues and could not be allowed under rule 67. The notice moved by the Congress member was forwarded to the Government moreover a similar issue raised by CPI(M) member Rakesh Singha under rule 130 and issue is already under consideration,” Speaker said.
”I have allowed a discussion under rule 67 demanded by the opposition as house debated for six hrs on the Covid Situation on very first day of the session,” Speaker added.
Chief Minister stated
Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur condemning the walkout said that Cong members since very first day of this session did not seem interested in the proceeding of house and thus have been creating disruptions. Thakur said that it was first time when notice was given under rule 67 to seek discussion on two different issues. “Notice was moved by four people and not pertained to any one subject deserved condemnation.
Leader of Opposition was disrupting the proceeding time and  again by raising irrelevant issues. The way speaker was being challenged by the leader of opposition is contempt of this house.”
Referring to media Chief minister that Opposition was being questioned over dominance of treasury benches in the house. Parliamentary affairs minister condemned the walkout made by the opposition member stating that menial issues are being raised in the house by opposition moreover the notices are being moved under the rule 67 however such issues of current affairs could be raise under rule 62 and other rules. There seemed complete anarchy among the opposition as its leader remained mute and members themselves announcing to staged walkout, he added.


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