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Shimla, Dec 15

The apathy of health services during times of pandemic have been evidently highlighted after Senior Citizen and former Secretary of Himachal Pradesh Lecturer Association Dr Sanjog Bhushan showing anguish over treatment of his wife Sunita at Indira Gandhi Medical College blamed that she died due to negligent treatment in the hospital recently.

Addressing a press conference here today Dr Bhushan said that action should be taken against the erring officials for negligent treatment offered to his wife at IGMC blaming the Health Department and State Government responsible for not providing prescribed health services to Covid and non-Covid patients.

Seeking action within four days’ notice he said that if the state Government would not take any step over the alleged negligence then he would sit on Dharna and hunger strike before the Chief Minister Residence at Oak over.

He informed that his wife who was being treated for eye was complaining breathing problems. ” She was rushed and admitted at IGMC on Oct 30 but succumbed in the hospital due to negligence of hospital staff on Oct 31`” he alleged.

Negligent treatment protocol followed

Even after my wife was tested negative in the rapid test firstly she was transferred to suspected patients block , he informed me. Adding, where we thought treatment would begin. “However it did not happen, he wet eyed rued. Stating further that only one doctor attended who also did not check the patient. Rather posted 3 questions from the attendant (Sanjog), got their replies and went away.  Thereafter on the night of Oct 30 a nurse came around 9:30PM and handed one packet of medication to be inhaled through steam, but did not attend to the patient herself, he alleged. Even after repeatedly being told the attendant does know how to operate the steam inhaler, she was reluctant to do her job.

Even that, no x-ray, ultrasound or any other sort of test (required to probe such a situation) was recommended by any MO at the hospital to check the deteriorating situation of my wife, he added. He disclosed that the patient kept on fighting life and death for almost 12 hrs yet no treatment was offered to the victim and neither any senior doctors turned up to check the patient.

Indicating glaring lapse in the Covid and non Covid protocol of Ambulatory and Hospital services he alleged that ” While coming to hospital the patient was forced to sit in an ambulance already carrying two other patients, and seats covered with a ‘Tirpal’ (canvas).

He also informed that at first the patient was declared Covid negative during Covid Rapid Antigen test however later when she succumbed was declared Covid positive after six hours of death.” Whereas she was not symptomatic and later neither me nor any of our family members were tested positive,” added Bhushan.

Showing major snag in the oxygen system in the Hospital, he also alleged that the oxygen unit of the ward where she was admitted was out of order. The power points to provide steams to the patient were also not working. “Talk of the toilets, perhaps must not have been cleaned since time immemorial, ” he added.

Stating negligence, apathy of health administration and low quality health services for Covid and Non covid being offered the victim family alleged that the patients collapsed due to delay in the treatment, clearly.

Similar complaints are pouring of major negligence in the other hospitals which show lack of sensitivity by the health administration as alleged mismanagement is becoming a reason for causing a large number of deaths. Terming the instance the alarming call for a large number of deaths and spreading of Covid-19 in the hospitals the victim family demanded strong action over the negligence made by the competent health official(s) who were in charge of wards and hospitals.

IGMC reply

When Contacted the IGMC Senior Medical Officer Dr Janak Raj said that no such complaints were lodged by the victim Family.  Bhushan said that they were bringing forth the issue through public domain to get justice for themselves and better health services for everyone in future. He said that so far they did not file a complaint in the matter. However he demanded that action should be taken against the errant health officials by taking cognizance of these media reports and they are ready to help in the probe.

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