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CPM Urges CM to Tackle Shimla’s Traffic Woes, propose tunnel construction

Shimla, June 19

The State unit of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has raised concerns about the escalating traffic congestion in Shimla town and has directed its attention towards Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu. Former Mayor Sanjay Chauhan emphasized that the traffic situation in Shimla has become dire, causing significant inconvenience to both locals and tourists, who often endure long hours of traffic jams. Chauhan warned that if this issue is not promptly addressed, it will become increasingly challenging to preserve the pride and heritage of Shimla as a world-famous hill tourist destination.
Chauhan suggested that the government must take immediate steps to alleviate the daily woes of the people by constructing more tunnels to facilitate smooth traffic flow. He commended the government’s efforts to tackle the traffic problem and stated that if building a tunnel is the only viable solution, it should be pursued. Chauhan proposed the construction of a tunnel from Dhalli to Sainj (Theog) as a priority project for upper Shimla. This tunnel would reduce travel distances for those heading from Shimla to Rohru, Jubbal, Kotkhai, Chopal, and Theog, resulting in significant time and fuel savings.

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Additionally, Chauhan mentioned that during the tenure of the CPM-led city government, efforts were made to address traffic congestion in Shimla city. In 2015, the Municipal Corporation Shimla approved proposals for two tunnels: one for Lakkad Bazar lift (637 meters) and another for Chhota Shimla (1197 meters). These proposals were submitted to the World Bank for approval. Chauhan urged the government to prioritize the construction of both tunnels, pending environmental clearance. This would alleviate the problem of road congestion in Shimla city and its surrounding areas.


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