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Shimla, Feb 22

Union Health Ministery Additional Secretary Manohar Agnani wrote a letter to all state government advising them to take following measures in case of death after Vaccinatation of Covid Vaccine in some districts of the country.
A letter released by the IGMC Senior Medical Superintendent Janak Raj here today for media on IGMC whatsapp group confirmed.
Agnani said in the letter that since the initiation of the COVID l9 vaccination drive on l6th January 2021, some deaths following COVID l9 vaccination have been reported from districts.
He advised  that it is important that these reported deaths are investigated meticulously as per the National AEFI Guidelines. 
Dr Agnani said that all health officials involved in the Vaccinatation program were already made aware that Post Mortem procedure is a very important component of the investigation.
He said that guidelines were laid out that Post-Mortem should be conducted at the nearest Medical College Hospital or at the district level by a Forensic expert and Pathologist.
 The process of post-mortem examination (external and internal) should be video-graphed.
The tissue samples (viscera) of deceased  should be sent for histo-pathological examination in all cases and for toxicological analysis in specific cases to the designated medical college or forensic science lab for analysis and followed up for early submission of reports.
Properly conducted post-mortem reports with histo-pathological examination reportsand toxicology analysis reports would help to conduct quality causality assessments of AEFI deaths. 

In the state currently there is no death of Covid Vaccinated person however three doctors and a health staff tested positive for nCoV after the Administeration of Vaccine. 
There are reports of AEFI about three percent People who have been given the Vaccinatation in first phase. Second Shot of Vaccine started shortly in the state.


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