Deploy mental health specialists in covid wards: CPI(M) 

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Shimla, May 11

State unit of Communist Party of
India (Marxist) has demanded that government should deploy mental health specialists in Covid wards .
In a letter written to Chief Minister Party secretary Dr Onkar Shad said that patients, attendants and health workers in Covid centres are falling victim to stress and anxiety and there is a need to deploy mental health counsellors and specialists in these centres. 
The CPIM said that covid patients often get depressed and upset in the hospital envoirnment and so they should be allowed to have attendants for getting emotional and physical support.

It is worthwhile to mention that a woman committed sucide last year at DDU hospital Shimla when she was recovering from Covid.
There are number of such instances when people are able to recover from the Covid pandemic but they could not tolerate the isolation and rigorous truma of the its suffering, party added.


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