Detailed -19 yr old dies at State hospital, tests positive, was brought for orthopedic emergency

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June 14, 2020 at 0820 hours

A person who died at IGMC on the night of June 13 was found COVID-19 positive. As per  information received the deceased person had come from Okhla Industrial area of Delhi. The person was brought to IGMC late Saturday night due to critical orthopedic injury was later found positive where he passed away at around 2:30 to 3 AM in the morning, confirmed Deputy Commissioner Amit Kashyap.

The 19 year old deceased had come with supplies for work of a GUMTI/Shed at Indian Institute of advance studies. As per info while taking out things from the transport he got injured thereafter was taken to IGMC, confirmed DC Shimla.

He was admitted to IGMC causality department late Saturday evening due to critical injury. IGMC officials on duty informed that he was brought to the state hospital in emergency wherein both surgical and orthopedic intervention was called for him,but he died early today morning.

As per protocol the areas where the person was treated should have been isolated immediately, however any official confirmation about the same is not received yet even after after repeatedly contacting health department authorities.





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