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Mandi, 9 September Roop lal kaundal

Language and culture department guidelines regarding opening of temples and other religious places are not liked by Dev Samaj of Mandi district.

Sarv Devta Seva Samiti urged to Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh to issue improved guidelines according to system of Mandi district. Pandit Shivpaal Sharma said that the guideline issued by language and culture department of Himachal Pradesh is not appropriate for Mandi district Dev samaj because Dev Rath and traditional musical instrument are the integral part of Mandi district diety system but guidelines are silent on these terms. Dev samaj demands state government to allow 50 followers along with Dev Rath and Devta’s Palki. People who plays traditional musical instruments must be allowed.

Pandit shivpal sharma added that the current guidelines are not helpful to restore activities of mandi district diety systems. These guidelines should be changed according to our demand.


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