Shimla, May 27
On Thursday night, a female leopard with her two cubs was spotted scouting near the residential area at Panesh village near Ghanahatti in the Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh. trio must have reached there while hunting a domestic dog. Krishan Kumar, DFO of Shimla Rural, said that video clips were captured on a CCTV camera of Satish Thakur, a resident of Panesh village, in which a leopard with her two cubs was seen prowling in the house campus. The clippings showed that the trio had entered residential areas searching for stray or domestic dogs.
He said that similarly, leopards were also spotted near Jubbarhati and Sujana villages, and residents were seeking the wildlife department to lay a trap to capture them. The villagers even suggest that due to the increasing activity of the wild cat in their area, the department should put fences in the residential areas adjacent to the forest.
The number of incidents has increased as domestic dogs are being hunted by leopards in search of easy prey. Naresh Verma said that their two-year-old pet was attacked on the house’s slab. Although it managed to escape from the leopard, it later died due to the injuries on the food pipe. A calf kept in the cowshed of Rajinder Singh at Dhobi village was hunted by the leopard in Solan district adjoining Shimla airport. The number of leopard attacks and killing of stray dogs has increased, with an increasing number of wild cats in the region.


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