Shimla, Mar 17

An Elephant Energy Pvt ltd. engaged for solid waste management by the Shimla Municipal Corporation is reported to be dumping garbage illegally, alleged a complaint written to SP Shimla in the matter.
A driver engaged with a tipper by the company i.e Elephant Energy Pvt Ltd alleged that he was threatened by the firm’s officials if he did not dump the garbage during the night hours negligently. The Complaint stated that he was forced to work round the clock to dump the garbage. 
The firm officials directed the complainant to dispose off the garbage in the night hours after 1900 hrs even in light of the fact that the local villagers are not allowing to do so. The complainant informed that the villagers are affected by the illegal dumping and have warned him to not do so . 
The complaint alleged that Office Manager of Elephant Energy Pvt Ltd Dinesh, Site Manager Manoj, Superviser Manish, Chandan, Hansraj , Kuldeep and Anil are pressing him to dump the garbage, failing which he is being threatened to face dire consequences.
In a two page complaint addressed to SP Shimla he alleged that dumping of garbage is causing pollution in the
nearby villages and also contaminating local water sources in the periphery of dumping sites. TheComplaint also pointed out that affected people or villagers have lodged several complaints about the illegal dumping of garbage to the Government officials but unfortunately no action has been taken sofar.
Shimla MC shortlisted the company Elephant energy to produce thermal power from the garbage, by converting waste into the fuel cartridges however the project seems not working properly and firm is trying to dump the garbage in open.
The Health Officer of Shimla MC Dr Chetan Chauhan said that Shimla MC delivers garbage on the project sites through its own dumpers and garbage carriers, however disposal work of the garbage in the plant is handed over the Elephant Energy. 
Dr Chauhan said that SMC did not get any complaint about the alleged dumping from the employees of the Elephant energy and would take action on the complaint if illegal dumping is being done. 

On being supplied copy of ghe complaint the CHO said though the complaint is not clear, but taking conizence they shall visit the site tommorow and if any ambiguity is found strict action shall be initiated.
The project is situated on the Taradevi-Bharyal Kanchi bypass road and is leading to pollution in the downstreams due to reckless management of waste and illicit dumping. 
The plant site has become the open landfill and foul stinking was also coming out from the project site, local people alleged. The issue of negligence by the firm also came forth in the state assembly as Congress members raised this issue in the past too . 


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