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Four feared dead as Car falls into Sutlej River, calls for Road safety measures

Shimla, July 12

In a heart-wrenching incident, a Maruti car carrying four individuals met a tragic fate when it plunged into the spated Satluj river near Nogli on the National Highway under Rampur Subdivision. The victims, hailing from Ladu village in Kharhan Panchayat of Nankhadi tehsil, were en route to the Mahatma Gandhi Medical Services Complex Khaneri in Rampur to seek medical assistance for an ailing family member. The devastating accident occurred last night around 10:45 pm under the cover of darkness.

The ill-fated vehicle, navigating a rain-damaged narrow road, tragically veered off the highway and disappeared into the raging waters of the Sutlej river. Despite extensive efforts, authorities have been unable to locate the car or its occupants thus far, leaving friends and family in a state of despair.

The victims have been identified as Rajiv Bontla (33), the driver of the car, his mother Sundala Devi (55), Sonu alias Mehar Singh (37), and Sheetal (29), all members of the same family. Their intended destination was Khaneri Hospital, where they hoped to provide medical care for Rajiv’s ailing mother.

Expressing his anguish over the incident, former President of the panchayat, Kaul Singh Negi, highlighted the lack of safety measures on the damaged road. Negi stated that no safety signs were installed to warn drivers of the precarious conditions, and no appropriate arrangements were made to address the situation. He emphasized the urgent need for proper signage on damaged roads to prevent accidents of this nature.

This unfortunate incident serves as a stark reminder of the pressing need to prioritize road safety and implement necessary measures to protect motorists on deteriorated roadways. Local authorities and concerned agencies are urged to take immediate action in installing safety signs and addressing road hazards promptly. Failure to address this issue could result in further accidents and loss of precious lives. As investigations into the incident continue, the community mourns the  loss of four lives.


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