Providing a meager cushion while performing the duty of fighting ‘Corona Virus’ front-line Warriors of the Himachal police personnel shall now be given Rs 50/- per head/per day for light refreshment. In order issued by Director General of Police it has been stated that “ As per the provision of section 108 of Himachal Pradesh Police act, 2007 adequate compensation and facilities shall be provided to those police officials who are deputed for duties from more than 8 to 12 hours.”

“To compensate such officer/officials promptly special refreshment in the form of light refreshment at the rate of Rs 50/- per head per day shall be given to each officer/official who is performing active police duties in respective districts,” quotes the order. A total 45 lac has been allocated to for the same.

The police have long hours of duty, and at times it can become very cumbersome, with no fixed timings for food/refreshment. Prior to this in such testing times, the police warriors were never provided such type of refreshment allowances. Many in the department feel that the order would help boost the motivation of police personnel performing their duty in this tough time of the pandemic.


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