Govt. silent on alleged job scam in NIT Hamirpur !! HimachalScape Story

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In the previous few days many media reports have been stating irregularities being noted in the appointments made at NIT Hamipur. A section employees at NIT Hamirpur on condition of anonymity informed HimachalScape that the Director of the Institution is responsible for the misdoings. They alleged that he is doing irregularities in appointments, postings, and is running a biased administration thus completely violating NIT Act, NIT Statutes and MHRD guidelines.


Tweet by one of student in NIT Hamirpur

They inform that as per the current provisions (as advised by MHRD), the appointment of Assistant Professors (Grade 2) can be done only on contract basis. However, vide posts published in Advertisement no. 07/2018 dated 08.08.2018 and Advertisement no. Regarding Admn 02/2019 dated 04.06.2019, the institute has given appointments to more than 60 people on regular basis which should have been given on contract as per rules, they alleged.

These employees inform that the teacher recruitment rules are same in all the National Institutes of Technology (NITs) of the country. They state that the appointment done at NIT Jalandhar, NIT Allahabad, NIT Jaipur in the period clearly state that the post of Assistant Professor (Grade 2) is on a contract basis. But at NIT Hamirpur by-passing the rules, the appointment of Assistant Professor (Grade 2) was done on regular basis.

Moreover, since the appointment is made on regular basis therefore all the benefits have to be given to such. Like the Probation period, New Pension Scheme (NPS), allowances like CPDA, Children Education Allowance, LTC and Seed Money, etc. “This is a complete misuse of public money, stated these employees.

They further inform that some of the faculty members have been given multiple portfolios, whereas some are without any assignments, which is a evident display of biased administration.

Apart from above, reportedly irregularities have also been found in appointments of Assistant Professor (Grade-1). Under advertisement no 11/2018 dated 23.08.2018 application was sought for Assistant Professor (Grade 1) and the advertisement clearly stated that ‘teaching done on the contract would not be considered as experience’, but once again rules were manipulated here. As  while accounting  the teaching experience even period of the contract was evaluated and 6 people were appointed as Assistant Professor (Grade 1).

The ball of irregularity does not stop here for NIT Hamirpur. The employees further allege that the MHRD has issued a circular directing all NITs to refrain from any new appointments until the rules of non-faculty employees are finalized. “But here at NIT Hamirpur ,the director, keeping in mind his close proximity, bypassed MHRD guidelines and appointed Assistant Registrar and Deputy Registrar,” they allege.

Engrossing the allegations by employees, a letter in possession with HimachalScape clearly shows that even alumni of the institution have written to MHRD in the matter. “ Since the arrival of our current director, our institute has witnessed many changes that sadly haven’t been for its good,” stated these alumni in the letter. Adding, “NIT Hamirpur has suffered a lot under the current administration and it is high time that someone speaks and demands a change in leadership that has failed in almost all objectives and by all prospective,” stated the letter.

Besides a search on internet displayed dozens of tweets by NIT students, talking about the worsening situation.

Talking on the matter, HP Congress party Vice President and MLA Rajinder Rana stated that irregularities is being noted in appointments at NIT Hamirpur. “ The drastically fallen NIRF ranking of the institution showcases the same, he added.

It is pertinent to mention here that the current director of NIT Hamirpur has been under controversy since his appointment. Irregularity in appointments is one issue, wherein recently NIT Hamirpur drastically dropped down in NIRF rankings was also attributed to the working of the current director. Moreover, many media reports also have hinted about recruitment in NIT Hamirpur, that they are being done of people from one particular state/community.

Employees allege,” After joining of his own people, sensitive/plum postings have been offered to them, whereas all senior faculty members who have contributed to the institution are being ignored.

The employees and students of the institute demand probe in the matter immediately. They state that the appointments made in the institution should be investigated whereby the permanent addresses of those appointed in the period should be investigated so that it can be ascertained how many people from one particular state are appointed. Apart from this, the people of the institute who had assisted the director in these appointments should be refrained from being given administrative assignments in the future, they concluded.

Adding to the voice even Rajinder Rana, Congress MLA from the area, has demanded a CBI probe, and has also questioned local MP Anurag Thakur who has remained silent in the matter.


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