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Shimla, Dec 2
Himachal Pradesh which figures among best schooling in the country is yet to get rid off
various lapses in the infrastructure facilities. In a survey released many state run schools are working without power toilets, playgrounds, drinking water and boundary walls or fencing.  There are about a huge number of schools which have no power connections and many of them are not offering the basic toilets facilities for girls and boys.
Statistical figures compiled by Samagra Shiksha officials (earlier known as Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan-SSA) for the year 2019-20 revealed that as many as 267 state schools are working without a toilet for girls. There are 15 schools without drinking water facility and 448 schools do not have a toilet for boys.
Around 20 percent (3891) of the schools do not have ramps for children with special needs, and 25 percent schools do not have a playground. There is no library in nearly 13 pc  schools. State have 1937 schools which do not have reading room or library in the them. Also 34 percent (5282) schools do not have a boundary wall.
Claim of the government comes to ground
Besides the tall claims of the state Government about revolutionizing the IT and computer educational services and online classes during Covid pandemic have also come to ground in its own survey.
As per data, major shortcomings in terms of paucity of power connections and computer and IT services being offered in the schools have been sighted. It is seen that 664 schools do not have electricity. Less than 20 percent government schools in Himachal Pradesh have computer and internet facilities. The state has 15330 schools network, only 20 pc have availability of computer facilities for staff and students. About fourteen percent offer internet  and IT services. The least being in Tribal Lahaul-Spiti district out of 250 schools, 64 have computer facility and only two have internet facility. Besides primary and middle schools have less than two percent internet facility.  Moreover senior and Higher secondary offer this service in the ratio 49 pc and 83.5 pc.
In the primary schools, 13 pc of over 33 thousand classrooms require major repairs, according to the data. The drop-out rate in secondary schools and Class XI ranges from 7 to 8 pc. Statistical data was compiled by state education authorities under the Unified District Information System for Education (U-DISE).


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