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Shimla, April 3- Himachal Pradesh excise crackdown on fake firms

The Department of State Taxes & Excise in Himachal Pradesh has been making efforts to clamp down on fake firms operating in the state. In a recent media communique, the department announced that the Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU) had identified four fake firms under Central jurisdiction, all owned by three individuals from the state of Gujarat.

The three individuals had applied for a total of 184 registrations across the country, out of which only 31 were approved. They had applied for 10 registrations in the state of Himachal Pradesh, but all were rejected. However, the individuals were successful in obtaining four registrations from the Central GST authorities in Himachal Pradesh.

Upon analysis of the data from these firms, the department found that they were making suspicious transactions. When enquiries were made regarding the addresses of these firms, it was found that they did not exist in the locations disclosed for conducting business in the state.

According to the note, the individuals had disclosed a business of Rs 167 crore and had passed on fake Input tax Credit of Rs 27 crore across India. In the state of Himachal Pradesh, they had disclosed a turnover of Rs 56 crore and had passed on fake Input Tax Credit of Rs 9.43 crore.

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The Himachal Pradesh Department of State Taxes & Excise has taken up the matter with Central authorities, as the firms fall under Central jurisdiction and their network is spread across the country. The Central authorities have been requested to take immediate action against these fake entities.

This crackdown on fake firms is a part of the department’s ongoing efforts to ensure compliance and prevent tax evasion. The department has been conducting regular inspections and investigations to identify any such fraudulent activities and take appropriate action, they concluded.


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