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HP govt announces 4500Cr Spl relief package for rain effected in HP

Shimla, Sept 30,

In response to the devastating effects of incessant rains in Himachal Pradesh, Chief Minister Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu has taken action to aid affected families by announcing a comprehensive relief package. The state government is allocating a total of Rs. 4500 crore to address the crisis, with a significant portion earmarked for restoration and rehabilitation efforts.

Addressing a media meet CM Sukhu, informed that the relief package includes substantial increases in compensation amounts for various categories of damage. Notably, the compensation for a completely damaged house has surged from Rs. 1.30 lakh to Rs. 7 lakh, benefitting approximately 3500 households, he informed. For partially damaged ‘kutcha’ houses, the compensation has increased from Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 1 lakh, and for ‘pucca’ houses, it has risen from Rs. 6,500 to Rs. 1 lakh. In addition, shops, dhabas, cowsheds, and tenant belongings will receive higher compensation, significantly easing the burden on those affected, he added.

The CM stated that the agricultural and horticultural sector, a vital part of the state’s economy, has also suffered extensive damage. Compensation for damaged agricultural and horticultural land has surged from Rs. 3615 per bigha to Rs. 10,000, while crop loss compensation has increased from Rs. 500 per bigha to Rs. 4000, he added. Furthermore, financial assistance for silt removal from such lands has also risen substantially.
He said that for families facing complete house reconstruction, the government has offered two biswa of land in urban areas and three biswa in rural areas, even if their existing land is uninhabitable. There will be no income ceiling for receiving relief, and landless disaster-affected individuals who have lived in Himachal for an extended period will also receive land as part of the package, he clarified.

In a bid to support low-income group sanitation workers and migrant laborers whose houses were completely destroyed within municipal limits, the government will provide suitable land for their rehabilitation, facilitated by the District Magistrate and Municipal Corporation.

To further assist affected families, the state government will cover the costs of providing electricity and water connections for under-construction houses, while cement will be supplied at government rates to aid in the construction of new homes, he stated.
Recognizing the impact on education, the Chief Minister mentioned additional classes will be organized to make up for the loss in studies caused by the closure of educational institutions during heavy rains.
In the wake of the disaster, substantial relief funds have already been disbursed to districts, and additional funds will be released for the expedited reconstruction and restoration of various projects. Families living in relief camps can move to rented accommodations with the government providing rent support, essential food items, and other necessary assistance.
Additionally, works related to retaining walls and channelization of drains for affected households will be funded through the MLA Area Development Fund, ensuring a holistic approach to recovery, he stated.
The government has declared the entire Himachal Pradesh region as a Natural Disaster Affected Area, and loan rescheduling has been initiated to alleviate the burden on affected families, covering various types of loans, he stated.
This comprehensive relief package underscores the commitment of the Himachal Pradesh government to stand with its citizens during times of adversity, providing vital support to rebuild lives and communities in the wake of the natural disaster, claimed CM Sukhu.
Noteworthy that of the total spending of Rs. 4500 crore, Rs. 750 crore will be spent for restoration and rehabilitation and Rs 1000 crore for MNREGA. The rest of the amount to be spent in compensation and relief work.


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