Shimla, Dec 1
Himachal Pradesh witnessed early and record advance snowfall and winter condition as compared to  20.2mm normal rain, the state received  43.1 mm precipitation which was 112 per cent above normal. This trend is being noticed in last ten years, said Indian Meteorological Department comparative data of Nov 2020 rainfall.
Shimla IMD in-charge Manmohan Singh released weather summary for the month of November 2020 (from Nov 1 to Nov 30th) here today said that rainfall occurred in state in the month of Nov. 2020 was in excess.
Most of the districts in HP received large excess precipitation in the month of November 2020.  There were five spell of rainfall or snow in the state while the rest of the days were dry during this month.
Station wise, state had significant amount of rain or snowfall on Nov 16, 2020 as  Sangla in Kinnuar had 25 cm snowfall Gondla in Lahaul Spiti & Kothi in Kullu 20  cm each, Khadrala in Shimla 18.4 cm, Shillaro in Shimla 10.4 cm, Khoksar in Lahaul Spiti 10  cm. Kumarsain in Shimla got 40. 8 mm, Dalhousie in Chamba 33  mm, Sangraha in Sirmaur 31.6 mm, Saloni in Chamba 30.4 mm,Jhandutta in Bilaspur 30.3 mm
On Nov 26,  2020,  Kothi in Kullu had  60 cm snowfall, Khadrala in Shimla 20 cm, Kalpa in Kinnuar 17 cm Gondla in Lahaul Spiti 15 cm, Manali in Shimla 10 cm.  Kasol in Kullu 50 mm Rain, Seobagh in 39.2 mm, Kandaghat- 29.6 mm, Bhuntar – 28.4 mm, Tinder in Kullu 27.1 mm and Karsog in Mandi 26.4 mm.
District wise- Sirmaur district  recorded 413 pc excess, Kullu 288 pc, Shimla- 276 pc , Solan 215 pc, Kinnuar 165 pc, Bilaspur – 118 pc , Mandi -113 pc, Lahaul Spiti -80 pc, Una -78 pc, Kangra -59 pc, Hamirpur 83 pc, Chamba 44 pc.
State in the month of Nov. 2019 also recorded record excess rain or snowfall as it got 49.1 mm rain which was 142 pc excess that of 20.2 normal rain.
Earlier to this state had 46 mm rainfall in Nov  2009 and 133 pc excess, 37.3 mm ( 84 pc ) in Nov 2018. On rest of years Nov had almost negligible and deficient rainfall.  State had lowest rainfall  (0.0 mm and minus 100 p c ) recorded in 2016.
Early winter with record snowfall  
Manmhan Singh also said that Kalpa received 64.6 cm snowfall in the month of November which was highest since 2004. He said that station wise Kalpa have record of 64 cm snowfall in Nov 2004.
Comparative snowfall data of last ten years indicated that state in Nov 2020 had early winter and snowfall condition as Kalpa had 64.6 cm snowfall, Keylong in Lahaul Spiti 57 cm, Khadrala 51.6 cm and Manali 12 cm.
Similarly in Nov 2019 state also had early and record snowfall as Kalpa had 50 cm, Khadrala 46 cm, Keylong 41.2 mm and Manali zero cm. On Nov 2018 only Kalpa had 32. 4 cm snow, On Nov 2013 & 2009 only Keylong had 18 cm and 58 cm snow respectively. Baring last two years and 2013 & 2017 state normally recorded negligible snowfall in last ten years.
Nov 27, 2020 was coldest night in the state when Mercury plunged down to minus 9.9 degrees at Keylong in Lahaul Spiti and Nov 3 the warmest day with Maximum Temperature rose up to  31.3 degrees at Una.


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