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HPSEB union urges reforms for outsourced workers

Shimla, Sept 19

In a letter addressed to Chief Minister of the state Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu, the HPSEB Employees Union has raised a poignant issue regarding the unfortunate death of an outsourced employee working under the Gohar Electricity Board division. The letter highlights the dire circumstances faced by outsourced workers in the electricity sector, shedding light on a system riddled with challenges.
On September 14, 2023, tragedy struck when Balwant Singh, a 22-year-old outsourced employee, lost his life while working on the power line in Shalni village, under the Pandoh Electricity Sub-Division. He met with a fatal accident due to electric shock, leaving behind his grieving mother as the sole breadwinner of the family.

Despite his dedicated service to the Electricity Board through the outsourced contractor, Balwant Singh had not received his salary for the last seven months. This grim reality serves as a stark reminder of the hardships faced by outsourced workers, who, despite their commitment, find themselves without compensation for extended periods, stated Hiralal Verma, General Secratery.

This tragic incident is not isolated, as the letter points out. It draws attention to the sacrifice of other outsourced employees who have lost their lives or are suffering from severe disabilities while working on power lines. The relief offered by the Electricity Board, a mere Rs 2 lakh, is insufficient to provide meaningful support to the dependents of these workers.

The HPSEB Employees Union emphasizes that these outsourced employees are not in it for the meager Rs 8,000 salary but are striving to secure their financial future and social security. They take on risky tasks, even in the face of delayed or unpaid wages.

The Union passionately appeals to the government to implement a permanent policy that addresses the plight of outsourced employees across the state. They demand that in cases of accidents like Balwant Singh’s, relief should be extended to dependents on par with regular employees. Furthermore, they call for compassionate grounds-based employment opportunities for affected families to prevent financial hardships.
The HPSEB Employees Union awaits a compassionate response from the government to address the pressing issues within this outsourced system, stated Verma while talking about the letter.



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