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Shimla, Feb 16
In wake of farmers agitation, Himachal Pradesh is likely to resist for food grains . The State of Himachal Pradesh which around the year, depends on supply of food grain from Punjab and other North western states is likely to manage even in shortfall as authorities claim that the State would achieve self dependence with expected increase in its production targets. This statement could be seen in wake of long protest by the Farmers of Punjab, Haryana, Western UP and other states likely to affect the production of food grains in the upcoming Rabi season.
To alleviate the fear from the minds of people in wake of continued protests in the region Director Agriculture of the state Dr. Naresh Kumar made this claim over attaining self dependence in the sectors. The Department was moving ahead on the path of self-dependence and engaged in  producing and distributing seeds to farmers. He said that earlier, the seeds of wheat, maize, grain, etc. had to be brought from outside the State.

However now the Department has prepared an action plan for the year 2021-22 for producing the seeds in the State to fulfill the requirement of the farmers stated Dr. Kumar. Keeping in view the demand of 1,08,000 quintal seeds by the farmers, a target of producing 96,855 quintal seeds in the State has been fixed for the year 2021-22. Nine registered farmer groups would produce about 95 thousands quintal seeds, which would be purchased by the Department and later distributed to other farmers of the State.

Agriculture Department would purchase the seeds of wheat at 26 percent higher rate, which would also boost the income of the farmer groups. Besides this, 1855 quintal seeds would be produced in the farms of farmers. He said that 40,650 quintal seeds of wheat were produced within the State and distributed to the farmers.  The five registered farmer groups under the Department would produce three thousand seeds of grain and make it available to the farmers.

Farmers would be encouraged to produce seeds of two hybrid varieties of maize viz Chitkinu and white corn in District Chamba, so that it could be made available to maximum number of farmers.

HKS says
Despite the claims made by the government share of Agriculture in the GDP is coming down as number of farmers are forced to quit agriculture due to wild animal and monkey menace as government could not take substantial steps, president of Himachal Pradesh Kissan Sabha Dr Kuldeep Singh Tanwar alleged.
Number of farmers unions including HKS were opposing the three farms laws which likely to create shortage of food grain if the farmers could not concentrate on their crops owing to prolonged strike, he warned.
The production of food grains is not considered beneficial to the farmers since they are opting to grow off seasonal vegetables and other cash crops which have high demands in the markets. The major road block in the field of Agriculture is the state government’s least interest to increased the irrigation  potential, he added. We have less than 18 per cent of areas under irrigation moreover state have about four to five percent  facility of ‘Kool’ or water canal vis a vis to 85 per cent of Punjab, he added.


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