Paragliding to start at Parashar and Sapeenidhar of Mandi district in Himachal Pradesh


Mandi, Feb 17 

Tourists will now be able to experience the adrenaline gush of  paragliding in Mandi district also. As the tourism department has cleared commercial paragliding activities at Parashar and Sapeenidhar, two famous tourist destinations of the district.

Giving this information, Deputy Director of Tourism and Civil Aviation Department, Mandi, Pankaj Sharma said that Parashar and Sapanedhar have become the first notified paragliding destinations of Mandi district. He said that in the past, the Technical Committee of the Tourism Department visited Parashar of Drang Assembly constituency and Sapenidhar of Siraj assembly constituency and inspected paragliding sites. The committee had recommended paragliding activities here, citing both sites as suitable for paragliding.

He said that commercial tandum flights have been allowed at these sites. Pilots registered with the Department of Tourism and Civil Aviation will be able to start operation here now.

He said that the tourism department has trained many youth of the area  for paragliding and  they will be benefited in a big way by starting paragliding activities. The area has potential for adventure tourism and sports activities. Right efforts and encouragement can develop these places on lines of ‘Bir- Billing’ in days to come.

At the same time, Deputy Commissioner Rigveda Thakur said that the commencement of commercial paragliding activities in the district will boost tourism further. Also, new employment opportunities will be created for the local youth.


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