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Shimla, May 25
Himachal Pradesh Police which became a victim of one of the glaring paper leak scam, made an astonishing claim that the kingpin of the police leak case was also involved in the Indian Railways Group D examination and six other paper leak cases.
A press statement issued here from HPP headquarters said that one of the kingpins, Shiv Bhadur Singh, who was arrested from Varanasi, by
SIT, with the assistance of the UP Special Task Force (STF) has been involved in the eight other question paper leak cases. An FIR was registered against him ( No. 128/16) on 7/7/2017 and again on 13/10/2017 in JBT and TGT paper leak scam, respectively. He was taken on production warrant in Case (FIR No 201/17) in the TGT paper leak scam. Punjab Police arrested him in FIR (No 4) dated 6.4. 2016 for the paper leak of Senior Assistant & SDO in Municipal Corporation Punjab. An FIR (No 5 date 24.05. 2016) was lodged against him for leaking the Inspector Grade 1 paper. FIR (no 6 dt 25.05 2016 ) for the leaking of the JE exam in PUDA. An FIR (No 15 dated 16. 10. 2016) for the leaking of SDO exam in Punjab Irrigation Department. He was also arrested by UP Police in FIR (no 45/2006) for leaking Railway Recruitment Group D Exam of 2006. Also was arrested by Hyderabad Police in FIR (no 18 dt 25. 07.2016) for Medical Entrance Exam.
The police spokesperson claimed that hopefully, in the next few days, some more kingpins would be arrested. State police said that SIT probing the police paper leak case is also getting paperwork ready to be handed over to CBI as and when they arrive to take over the investigation of this case.
How is this crime done
The official said that during the investigation, it is coming to the fore that paper leakage all over the country has become an organized crime, and the king-pins use laptops, computers, mobiles, artificial intelligence and other technologies to achieve it.
Since most of the public examinations are held on Sundays, the modus-operandi of this “paper leakage organised crime” is first to get the schedule of public examinations to be held all over the country. Then, they secure the question paper through their organised criminal networks. After that, through a network of coaching classes and agents, they identify potential candidates. Then they leak question papers on consideration of money. Also, to evade the hands of the law, they change their phone number and SIM cards every week. The police spokesperson added that these criminals are so professional that in case of arrest, they stay in police and judicial custody and then, on release start the crime again.


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