Shimla, Aug 11
A Major mishap occurred near Bhabnagar border of Shimla and Kinnuar district about 130 km from here on Wednesday morning when a bus and truck have been reported buried and hit by a heavy landslide and boulders. The causality and victims is yet to be ascertained.
Report arriving here that a massive landslide hit suddenly about 1145 hrs this morning.  A facebook post also showed the project site and wreckage of a truck. Rescue parties were rushed to the spot from Bhabanagar and Recong-peo.
More information is awaited. The number of people expected to be on the board of the bus is reported between 40 to 50.
Pertinent to mention that only last month twelve tourists and a local person lost lives when shooting boulders came down causing the mishap at Batsari of Kinnaur district.


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