Shimla, Aug 11
Like almost everyday during this Monsson session, the Himachal Pradesh Assembly again witnessed protest and noisy scenes today as Opposition members protested vehemently over an alleged threatening of a Congress MLA by two members of the treasury benches during the assembly last evening.
As the house assembled for the question hour this morning Congress members pointed out that when its senior member from Kinnuar Jagat Singh wanted to raise an issue under rule 323 yesterday, he was not allowed to speak and two members of treasury benches who are member of council of ministers in the the government threatened him by abusing him to harm him physically on the floor of the house.
They alleged that the speaker who is expected to act impartially, did not intervene rather he supported the erring ruling members.
The speaker Vipin Singh Parmar  defending himself said in the house that he is expected to defend the cabinet ministers since he was on the chair. Parmar said that Congress members have blamed him and government for promoting and appointing people of a ideology on various key positions.
” I belong to RSS and if any minister and government functionary hails from this ideology it is not a matter of surprise as the entire government and country belonged to the same ideology.” the speaker reiterated in the house stating that every constitutional functionary upto President to Prime minister hails from this ideology.
Later, Speaker also permitted leader of Opposition on the issues of disruption occurred in the house yesterday. He said that he got a letter from Mukesh Agnihotri in his chamber this morning and he should speak on the issue.
However Congress members did not respond again started shouting slogans against Government in the house later trouped into the well.  Afterwards they walked out from the house continue boycotting question hour for some time.
Chief Minister defending the mention of  Rashtray Sewan Sewak Sangh said Opposition had digressed the issue from discussion on Tuesday to create the disruption.
” Jagat Singh Negi’s behaviour was not upto the mark as a senior member of the house as he had been insisting to raise the issue without the permission of chair. Former deputy speaker also tried to provoke the treasury benches time and again.” said the CM in the house in absence of Cong members.
Condemning irresponsible role of Cong members CM blamed them for staging walkouts. ”If they were keen to discuss any issue they should have participated in the discussions listed in the house yesterday and during the question hours today,” he added.   ” Congress members are trying to behave like goons provoking other side, if they keep on doing so, there would not be restrain in the treasury benches also. ”Thakur stated adding that actions by the opposition members are dismantling great tradition and decorum of the house.
Congress members did not returned in the house after the walk-out and the proceeding lasted in their absence.


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