Kacchi Ghaati building collapse: Intime rescue operation save dozens of lives 

Shimla, Oct 2
One dozen home guard jawans came as saviours of dozen of lives who escaped unhurt after they launched a rescue operation evacuating the ill fated buildings before mishap.


Talking about the building mishap at Kacchi Bharti SP Shimla Monica Bhutungru said that home guards jawans were immediately rushed five to six hours ahead of this mishap on the complaint of shattering of window panes and development of cracks.
The rescue operation was started by Home Guard jawans and police personnel on Friday morning hours before the building finally collapsed . The teams ensured to evacuate each and every person and essential items were also taken out from the buildings.
During this rescue operation, the Home Guard personnel took out essential items from the nearby houses including from unsafe hotels, which were evacuated previous day.  As soon as the rescue operation was started by the Home Guard personnel, the affected families got some relief and their valuables and essentials were saved.
The rescue work was commendable by the Home Guard officers and jawans in this accident,
who in just 3 hours got the 10 houses around the fallen building evacuated and took the families to
safe places.
Atul Bhatt, who had lost his two-storey building in this accident, said that everything ended in
front of his eyes.  Their Mother’s day and night’s hard work and earnings were reduced to ashes in
an instant.   Atul Bhatt questioned that what was their fault in all this.
‘ Someone erected an 8-storey building on top of his house and how was the permission granted,
 if the house was in danger then why was no action taken.” he asked .
He said that for the past few days, cracks started coming in his house, pertaining which he met with  Deputy Commissioner and the Commissioner, but this accident happened before any action could be taken.
He appealed to the Chief Minister for help and said that till now no help has been given except
from the administration.
Both unsafe buildings should be demolished, so that other buildings can be saved.
Virendra Chauhan said that two unsafe buildings can fall on top of his house at any time,
which will fall directly on his house. Apart from this, the house adjacent to the eight story building have been buried due to the collapse of the building yesterday itself.
He said that the house has been built by taking a loan from the bank, the installments of which
are being paid, in such a situation, if the building is finished, then he will come on the road.
Taking immediate action from the administration, he demanded the demolition of both the unsafe
buildings and repair of the dungeons.


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