Mehbooba Mufti replies Aap Ki Adalat -A day before the IAF strike in Pakistan

Couple of nights prior Mehbooba Mufti, Former CM of J&K talks at the Aap Ki Adalat. She spoke to defend her party stand but the meaning were double edged. Here is what she said.

Highlights of her defense to Rajat Sharma’s allegations speak for themselves. She said..

  1. Pakistan has been successful to influence Kashmiri youth as India failed.
  1. Kashmir should have a proper link road like CPC in POK, a corridor which can give it approach from other countries.
  1. Kashmir students and business people are being harassed in India.
  1. She fails to accept the words of Rajat Sharma that Pakistan and ISI are responsible for Pulwama attack.
  1. She believes that repeated number of times we should talk to Pakistan.
  1. She appreciates Pakistan for opening up Kartarpur corridor.
  1. She wants India to give evidence of Pulwama attack  to Pakistan.
  1. It is disturbing that business corridors with Pakistan have been closed for Kashmir.
  1. Alleges that the hype is a ploy for taking votes in election.
  1. Rajat retorts that the same wordings have been uttered by many in Pakistan. To which she grins.
  1. Maintains that the war talk by Government is only for assuring gains in forthcoming election.
  1. She terms talks of Modi as Jumlas.
  1. She criticised Modi’s body language as if begging for money from Saudi Prince.
  1. She equates the gesture with that of Imran Khan begging with a Katora.
  1. She appears scared of General Bakshi in the audience as Rajat invites one Army General to ask questions.
  1. She maintains that India and Pakistan are equal in military strength because both are nuclear powered countries.
  1. She repeats that top people who talk of war with Pakistan are illitrates.
  1. She condemns Modi’s statement that India will payback strongly.
  1. She fails to appreciate the consequences of acts like surgical strikes.
  1. She claims America Russia China and Saudi Arabia are with Pakistan and India is helpless.
  1. She tells that China is investing heavily  in Pakistan and America is dependent on Pakistan for Taliban talks.
  1. She redicules Prime Minister for receiving Saudi Prince at Airport and then standing close to the Prince as he is writing a cheque.
  1. She maintains that no big war is possible between the two countries.
  1. She maintains that the boy who struck against CRPF bus was a local guy and failed to blame Pakistan for this.
  1. She blames that J&K produces electricity and supplies to India while it remains deprived of  power.
  1. She reluctantly accepts that Pakistan should take action against Masood Azhar.
  1. She maintains that the entire Kashmir and all districts are agitated against India.
  1. War is not an option she maintains.
  1. She is alleged by Rajat to have been protecting the terrorists and removing barricades along the route for motorists which she is faintly able to defend.
  1. She forced one sided cease fire from ARMY on terrorists. But it had little impact on militancy.

30 She claims that her visits to families of militants killed in encounters  is for welfare of those families.

  1. She denounces action against 112 separatist leaders by withdrawing security cover saving 1000 police personnel and 100s of crore expenditure. she feels it will have little impact.

32 She is soft on separatists and justifies that withdrawal of security  is a childish act.

  1. Despite failure of talks every time she maintains that dialogue with Pakistan is the only option.
  1. She accepts that there are certain elements in India like in Pakistan who want war.

The judgment pronounced advises her to stop trying to be a bridge with Pakistan as an Indian ambassador but try to bridge differences with India.


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