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Monsoon Alert: Rainfall intensity to increase between July 4-6, yellow alert

Shimla, July 4

In a recent media statement, Surinder Pal, the Director of the Meteorological Department in Shimla, has announced that the monsoon is expected to become more active in the next two days. Pal emphasized the potential increase in rainfall intensity between July 4 and July 6, urging residents and tourists to exercise caution due to the associated risks of landslides and flash floods.

Pal revealed that the monsoon season thus far has remained within the expected range, with June experiencing a 30 percent surplus in rainfall. However, the upcoming period may see a surge in precipitation, necessitating extra vigilance from the public. Recognizing the vulnerability of certain areas to heavy downpours, Pal issued a yellow alert warning, particularly highlighting the need for caution among those venturing into rain-prone regions.

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The Director of the Meteorological Department expressed concern over the possibility of landslides and flash floods resulting from the anticipated heavy rainfall. Such events can pose a significant threat to life, infrastructure, and the environment. Pal encouraged residents and tourists to stay informed about weather conditions and take necessary precautions to mitigate risks during this period.

One additional challenge highlighted by Pal is reduced visibility caused by fog, which further exacerbates the potential dangers associated with heavy rainfall. Tourists, in particular, were advised to exercise extra caution while exploring areas prone to rain and fog, as their visibility may be significantly impaired.

To stay updated on the evolving weather conditions, Pal advised the public to regularly visit the department’s official website. He also emphasized the importance of promptly contacting the government helpline numbers in case of any emergencies related to the monsoon, urging individuals to prioritize their safety.

Notably since June 24, in Himachal Pradesh 27 people have lost life and properties/public utilities worth 248 Crores have been lost.



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