Drone photo of Prasher lake taken in June 2023

Monsoon reactivation triggers cracks in Prasher, Rivalsar and Doon hills

Shimla, Aug 22

The South West Monsoon, after remaining somewhat dormant for the past week, has reactivated, triggering cracks in hills, including high-altitude spots like the 2730-meter Prasher Lake in Mandi district. Furthermore, reports from Solan indicate that several villages, bridges, and factories in the vicinity of the Doon hills near Barotiwala are now at risk.

Following the appearance of cracks in Tarna hills of Mandi district, similar crevices have emerged in the two hills surrounding Rewalsar Lake and Prasher Lake. Locals confirmed that these prominent religious sites in Mandi district have developed significant cracks on their hillsides. They attribute the cracks to heavy rainfall over the preceding days, which saturated the soil, making it loose and prone to erosion.

Reports also mention that the road leading to Prashar Lake displays visible cracks, causing disruptions in vehicular traffic. The Additional District Magistrate of Mandi, Dr. Madan Kumar, informed the media that a detailed report about the cracks has been requested from the forest department. Appropriate actions will be taken based on the report’s findings. At present, residents in the vicinity have been alerted and advised to remain vigilant. The local administration has also issued warnings about the potential for landslides due to the formation of cracks and the persistent wet weather conditions.

Both locations hold great religious and tourism significance. Prashar Lake is renowned as the abode of the Indian sage Parashar, while Sarkidhar is believed to bear the footprints of the Pandavas. These high-altitude lakes attract numerous visitors annually due to their unique scenic beauty.

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Furthermore, reports have emerged from the Doon Assembly constituency in Solan district, indicating that cracks have formed on the hills and there are signs of potential landslides. As a result, the administration has relocated 50 families from six villages within the Pahadi Gram Panchayat, deeming the villages unsafe. Additionally, in Bhatolikala Industrial Area, Baddi, seven families from Majri village of Pahadi Panchayat Sodi have been affected. Situated along the banks of the Balad River, the village faces the risk of adverse impacts.

The access road to Barotiwala has been nearly closed off. If the land in Majri village sinks, it could obstruct the Balad River’s course, leading to the potential for water flooding in low-lying areas in the future, according to the head of Sodi Panchayat. A crack measuring about half a kilometer in length has emerged in the village’s land, affecting around 50 bighas of land that is slowly sinking. Continuous rainfall could result in the land collapsing at any moment. The village has been evacuated, and residents are being accommodated in nearby areas. They are urging the government and administration to promptly relocate them and provide suitable compensation for their crops and homes.

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The Indian Meteorological Office has issued an orange alert for heavy to very heavy rain over the next three days, as well as a yellow alert for moderate to heavy rain in many places within the next 24 hours.



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