200 people with Covid negative report to be allowed to enter

Shimla, Oct. 21        

The Famous Kullu Dussehra, too is facing the brunt of COVID as this year for the first time in History, against more than 200 deities only handful of selected Seven will be allowed in the Dhalpur Ground.

This year the famous event will only have traditional ritualistic ceremonies be performed in the festival for the safety and security of general public. The Festival is going to being celebrated from October 25 to 31. 

Following the SOPs issued by the state government, it has been unanimously decided by the Dussehra Festival Committee that only seven deities including Devta Bijli Mahadev of Kharahal Valley, Mata Hidimba of Manali, MataT TripuraSundari of Naggar, Devta Jamlu of Peej, Devta Adi Brahma of Khokhan, Devta Laxmi Narayan of Sainj(Raila) and Devta Bir Nath of Dhalpur shall only participate in the ‘Rath Yatra’ of Lord Shri Raghunath ji and attend Dusshera function to perform traditional ritual ceremonies with very restricted number of devotees/haryans.

The movement of all such persons will be strictly restricted up to the identified sitting place of respective deities. The Kardar of every deity has  to submit advance list of such persons accompanying deity in said function well before 23rd October, 2020 enabling health authorities to lift CORONA(COVID-19) samples accordingly.

Only two hundred persons, including devotees having negative COVID-19 report shall be allowed to participate in ‘Rath Yatra of Bhagwan Shree Raghunath Ji’ with proper wearing of facemasks, hand gloves and maintaining social distancing.

No one will be allowed to touch the idols and Dev Ratha and all social distance norms will taken into consideration. It is mandatory for people to download ‘Arogya Setu’ app all and spitting in public place is strictly prohibited.


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