Oppn. Cong issue notice to remove HP Assy Speaker, Boycott proceedings on last day

Shimla, Aug 13
Himachal Pradesh Assembly which is in the tenth day of the monsoon session was boycotted by all Congress members protesting against the speaker for not being neutral and also served a notice to Vidhan Sabha Secretary seeking his removal.
All nineteen Congress members of assembly did not turn up in the house on Friday. They also handed over a two page notice to Vidhan Sabha secretary seeking removal of the speaker from the office.
All the Congress legislature sat on Dharna outside the assembly after handing over the notice to secretary Vidhan Sabha. However proceeding of the house continued in absence of Congress members. Copy of the resolution handed over to media stated that 19 members of CLP resolved under article 179(C)  of constitution of India under rule 274(1) of rules of procedure and conduct of business in Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly for removal of speaker.
They alleged in the notice that Speaker Vipin Singh Parmar has failed to uphold the high dignity of August house.  ” The speaker has been deliberately failing to uphold the rights and privileges of opposition members and of the house. His neutrality in conducting the business of the house is doubtful. Party said that the speaker is expected to be neutral and not to take sides of political considerations.  ”It has been repeatedly seen that Speaker claims affiliation to the particular ideology while presiding over the house which is against the spirit of the constitution.” said the notice.
They further alleged that Speaker while presiding over the house stated that he is not bound to follow the ” Rules of procedure and conduct of business in Himachal Pradesh Assembly”. ”Further, the speaker is not being impartial in dealing with the notices of the opposition members.
The notices of opposition members under various rules for raising issues hardly finds place in the list of business. He gives undue advantage to members of the ruling party in the listing by flouting the rules.”
”We the opposition members have therefore have no faith left in the office of present speaker. He does not uphold the dignity, democratic values of the August House.
The resolution was signed by Mukesh Agnihotri, Asha Kumar, Harshvardhan Chauhan, Sukhvinder Singh, Ram lal Thakur, Col D R Shandil , Inderdutt Lakanpal , Lokhinder Rana, Sat Pal Singh Raizada , Sunder lal, Nand land, Rajinder Rana, Mohan Lal Bragta, Pawan Kajal, Vikram Singh, Ashish Butial, Anirudh Singh, Vinay Kumar and Jagat Singh Negi .
Opposition action was provoked by the reference of the speaker on the floor of the house on Wednesday in which he said that he was affiliated to RSS and number of people in the government belonged to this ideology .
Earlier to this Opposition members have been in dissent with the speaker and have been lodging protest for the last three days after exchanges between two members of council of ministers and Congress member Jagat Singh Negi on Tuesday.


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