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Nov 15, 2020/Shimla

After the decision of authorities to have final exams for government run schools in February, the same is now being replicated by some private schools of Shimla, too. To surprise, a private school in the capital after announcing final exams for classes 5th to 12th in November second half have now pulled back the notice. However a dissent is being raised by most parents about the decision. Joining the league with the government run institutions the private school(s) ha s now decided to hold final exams in February 2021. 

The decision to have exams of govt schools in Feb was taken in wake of the various challanges these govt run institutions face. Cause the evident fact is that govt run schools face multiple challenges while imparting education and thus cannot be equated as the most perfectly performing institutions.  However the top private schools have claimed to be imparting quality online education to their students the entire year, stated Atul another parent. Thus postponement of final examination only comes as a surpise, he added. Not only the decision also exposes that the claim of online education being imparted year around was only a mere formality, claimed Vijender Mehra another father.
Pertinent to mention that in state capital Shimla, normally most private schools end the session after final exams in December mid and thereafter children get a winter break before joining their next/new class in March first week.
Sarojini, grandmother of a student from a private local school of Shimla rued that when the entire year kids were attending classes, and the syllabus has been completed, then there should be no reason for postponment of final exams now. She said that the final exarms was announced a month back, and children have prepared for it with lot of hard work. Now terming that November examination as preparatory and annoucing final exam in February is complete injustice with the kids, she added. Questioning the reason for postponing the exams at the last minute she pointed that since the school managments took the decision to have announced the final exam in November, clearly also signified that syllabus in these institutions must have been completed for the classes by the time. Then there is no valid reason for postoning paper, now she concluded.
“Besides by keeping inside closed doors the entire year, kids have already accumulated enough stress, stated a mother on condition of anonymity. Adding,”now by postponing the final exam, will only add to it.  She also apprehended that there is a chance that children in the  holidays during winter months, may also loose the grip on the lessons learnt which could effect their yearly performance.
Many other concerned parents demanded that for classes 10th and 12th a pre board exam should be taken physically in schools, but other kids till classes 9th should be promoted on the basis of the final term which was scheduled to start from November 20th.
On being contacted Parent teacher association(PTA) head of the top girl convent in Shimla informed that they were not involved by the school managment while taking this decision. Adding , that since many parents are apprehensive and number of calls are being received by them in the matter,  the issue will be takenup  with the school managment.
However the convener of the parent student (Chatr abhibhavak manch) forum Vijendra Mehra and others have called the move to postpone date of the final exam as dictatorship and plunder mechanism. They alleged that private schools are using various tactics to recover the entire fee amount including all the charges and the move has been taken to only justify the fee collection.
Everyone knows that February is a very cold month in Shimla and snowfall is common during this time. Due to extremely cold weather, the risk of all types of viral infections like corona also increases manifold. The school’s argument that examinations will be conducted in school instead of online in February is completely unscientific and irrational and should be yaken back, added Mehra. “Private schools should learn a lesson from Govt schools, which were opened and are now closed again due to rising corona cases,” concluded Mehra.


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