PDS salt with Black granules; Company says fortified iron along iodine

Shimla, Feb 7
Public Distribution supply outlets often remain in thick controversy over availablity of substandard, adulterated and expired food items and ration. Recently drew attention of consumers on presence of small black granules like mice peeding in salt. However supplying agency accepting the concern defended by making claims that it is fortified iron along iodine in the packet of PDS supply.
RM HP State Civil Supplies Corporation, Nahan Vijay Sharma said that supply of subsidised salt provided under PDS outlets is being made to the common people under the Public Distribution System is double fortified. There is abundant amount of iron along with essential iodine owing to this black particles are visible in the salt, indicating the presence of iron.
“The use of double fortified salt in food is beneficial for health and it is common for iron to change color and darken in food. ” he explained.
The complete method of using it has also been shown on the packet of salt available in the PDS outlets in case of any doubts of the consumers.
State Civil Supplies Corporation regularly submitting samples of food items including salt to verify its quality from different warehouses .
We are testing samples of food items on a weekly basis to ensure the quality and only the food items found to be of good quality.
However, similar quries are pouring in the social media questioning the quality of salt provided under the PDS. The consumers are alleging that after putting salt in pulses or vegetables, its color is turning black.


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