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Shimla, Apr 13

The MC poll bound towns and districts including Kangra, Mandi, Solan as well as the residential and other Schools are becoming the epicentre of second wave of Covid-19 in Himachal Pradesh.
The active cases crossing above 6000 in the hill states are receiving informations that outbreak are mostly confined to the poll bound towns, entry points and borders districts as well as the schools have reported sudden spike in the cases.

Kangra district is on top followed by Solan, Mandi, Shimla and Sirmaur districts beside number of cases are also pouring in from Hamirpur and Una district.
The political leaders are blaming the public responsible for the outbreak could not disown their own share to spread this fatal pandemic in the hill state as it is well understood who loves crowd pulling and heavy  turn outs being whose favorite play. 
Staff members and many students lodging in the boarding schools of state are among the new victims of 2nd 
wave of Novel Corona Virus in the hill state forcing the State Government to close down the educational institutions till Apr 21 this year.
Most of cases are pouring in from boarding school area of district Solan as about 80 to 100 cases are being detected in last couple of days.
Medical officials said that during 2-3 days many covid cases were detected in the boarding schools of Solan district. Among such educational Gurukul International, MRA DAV and Pinegrove School. 
Officials confirmed that fifteen staff members of  MRA DAV found +ve for nCoV among the contracted are hostel staff employees.
People near same number were reported positive from other schools and were mostly limited to staff  some cases are of resident students as well,”  MO Mukta Rastogi confirmed.
During Council of Minister meeting held recently state decided to close down all schools and educational institutions till April 21 baring boarding schools which are being allowed to run normally.
As many as 176 people including 110 students and 66 staff
members in the Dalhousie Public School tested Covid positive in Chamba district of state in last fortnight. 
Earlier in November, a large number of students had tested positive in
the hostels of a Tibetan Children’s Village School in Mandi district.

During the pandemic, schools in Himachal were first allowed to reopen
for some classes in November but they were closed a few days later
following a sharp spike in Covid cases. 
School were once again reopened in February when Covid cases in the state declined to a record low, but were closed on March 27 following a rise in the number of infections.
Staff and students at many school hostels in Himachal Pradesh have
tested Covid positive in recent days during the ongoing 2nd wave of
the coronavirus in the country.   

 There are currently around 5,840 active Covid cases in Himachal, and 1,115 people have died of Covid-related illnesses since the beginning of the pandemic.


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