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Shimla, May 24

The positivity rate statewide has reduced to 19.5% which was as high as 28.9% in week from 10.05.2021 to 16.05.2021, informed a health department spokesperson. In the last week, a total of 18794 cases of COVID were recorded as against 28817 positive cases in the week before the last week.

Data as recorded by Government of India

Pertinent to mention that even though positivity rate has come down, the State still remains among the has also recorded 441 deaths in the last week and is currently among the top 18 states/UTs countrywide having mortality rate higher than national average. The current mortality rate of the state is 1.54 percent. The national rate is 1.14 percent.

Graph as per data recorded by State government

Positivity rates Sirmaur with highest positivity rate remains at 29 percent. Last week of 5228 tested 1517 were found positive. Thereafter Kangra out of 21766 tests done 5498 were found positive i.e 25.3 percent. Followed by Hamirpur 5951 people were tested, 1424 found positive, rate 23.9 percent.

Followed by Mandi with 9785 tests 2209 tested infected 22.6 percent. Solan 6967 tested 1530 found positive i.e 22 percent. Capital Shimla people tested 11218, wherein 2155 found positive, rate being19.2 percent, added the health spokesperson.

Graph as per data recorded by State government

Bilaspur 8329 tested and 1284 infected, positivity rate 15.4 percent. Kullu of the 4018 tested 562 positive i.e 14 percent. Thereafter Una with 8562 tested and  1133 found positive, Chamba people tested 8107, positive 1068, remain at 13.2 percent each.

Tribal Kinnaur recorded a positivity rate of 8.4 percent with 3511 tested and 295 found positive. L&Spiti recorded 2693 tests and 119 infected , positivity rate of 4.4 percent.

The cumulative positivity rate remains at 19.5 percent. Of the total 96135 tested 18794 were found infected.

The spokesperson also added that the average daily number of cases being reported (Weekly Average) have also seen a sharp decline. In the last week, 2685 cases were detected daily on an average whereas in the week before that, this number was as high as 4117.


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