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In the battlefield of Mahabharat when  Arjun is baffled about the very existence of Lord Krishna and his role in this world, he gets keen to see the Virat roop of Krishna. Then Krishna is said to have given him the power of Divine eyes so that he could see through HIS Vishwaroop.

In Shreemad Bhagwad Geeta, the conversation between Lord Krishna and Arjun  beautifully describe the facts of life and the very purpose we are born. In fact the entire Geeta is a conversation about life and its purpose. Of the 700 shlokas in Bhagwad Geeta, …. are uttered by an anxious Arjun while the rest by Lord Krishna in response.

Arjun is given the power of Divine sight by Lord Krishna to see the grand  look of HIS worldly appearance. Lord says that this swaroop has not ever been seen by anyone, and even gods remain keen to have a glimpse of this roop. This divine look of Lord cannot be seen by virtue of any karmas, any religious efforts but only by “ananya bhakti” i.e. relentless and unquestionable devotion.

Lord Krishan explains that HE is like Varun among all the water bodies, Indra among the gods, Garud among the birds, Vasuki among the serpents, Mann among the natural instincts of a human, the sound of ‘Om’ among all the sounds, ‘Uccheshwa’ among the horses, Surabhi among the cows, Gayatri among the chhands, and so on.

Arjun is able to see the grand look of Lord Krishna which has unlimited mouths, countless hands, piercing eyes, huge body which is spread in thousands of miles that one can see from earth to sky,  faces that have sun and moon as eyes, and virtually Arjun is not able to see anything but Lord Krishna wherever his eyes can see. He sees that herds of people are entering his mouth like flying insects enter fire to die; the way rivers run endlessly to merge with the ocean.

 He can see that the entire army of Kauravas and Pandavas is entering his mouth. He can see that the heads of many a brave warriors like Duryodhan, Karan, Bhishma Pitamah, Draunacharya, are getting broken to pieces in the fierce teeth of Lord Krishna.

Indeed, Arjun is made to appreciate that Lord Krishna is the ultimate truth not only in this world but also in the entire universe. Arjun is able to see whatever Lord Krishna wants to show him. He is told that look how all the kings and warriors except the Pandavas are meeting their death. He is made to realise that they all are destined to die and he is only going to be an excuse in their death, and not a cause. He is is told that to perform karma is his only duty towards life.

Friends, virtually in Shreemad Bhagwad Geeta, Arjun asks all those anxious questions from Lord Krishna that all of us would have liked to know.  Arjun represents all we humans in this world who are faced with problems of life like those of a warrior in the battle of Kurukshetra. Then, to see the truth how can a human get the benefit of those divine eyes to see through the reality behind all the circumstances we come across..

Remember, as Lord Krishna tells Arjun that HE cannot be seen with the normal eyesight. HE cannot  be seen with the power of prayers but relentless and unquestionable devotion i.e.  Ananya Bhakti. What is to be seen in the Divine look of Lord depends on what we want to see, the answer to all our inner anxieties and questions.  While meditating as we look within and try to decipher the truth of life on this earth, we realise that GOD has countless mouths. These mouths are to annihilate the chosen redundant creations, which may be we humans, or any other physical forms of life or existences. Fire, Water, Earth, Sky are all the great levellers of Mother Nature. They are the mouths of God where from everything emerges and finally goes back. Innumerable things flow into the eternal mouth very gently, while some others are found being pierced between the mighty teeth.

The entire process seems to be that of recycling. As in recycling, the impurities get removed and new things are born, in life too the body gets burnt, the soul gets purified and given another opportunity to better the lot of karma or a life of unattachment, as one may choose to live.

The entire endless universe is HIS creation, beyond the earth, the sky, and the planets, which has been going on since billion of years. When everything is HIS creation, we get to see HIM in everything and everywhere. HE is indeed omnipresent and omnipotent. All one needs to have those divine eyes to realise HIM through consciousness as the guide. But remember, it will work only with Ananya Bhakti.


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