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Pre-monsoon season in HP: 297 lives lost, Rs. 5,492.01 lacs agriculture damages

Shimla, May 29

The pre-monsoon season in Himachal Pradesh has proven to be devastating, resulting in a tragic loss of 297 lives and causing significant damage to the agricultural sector, estimated at around Rs. 5,492.01 lacs. The recent cumulative report, covering the period from March 1, 2023, to May 29, 2023, highlights the extensive impact on lives, properties, infrastructure, and the environment.

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Leading cause of fatalities: Vehicle accidents were the primary cause of the fatalities during this period, claiming 206 lives. Tragic incidents involving landslides, flash floods, cloudbursts, accidental drownings, and other unfortunate events accounted for the remaining casualties. Additionally, isolated incidents such as wild animal attacks, slippages, and industrial accidents contributed to the distressing death toll.

Loss of animal life: The pre-monsoon season also took a toll on animal welfare, resulting in the loss of 546 animals. This included livestock and domestic animals, exacerbating the impact on the agricultural sector and the livelihoods of farmers.

Crop damage: The agricultural sector bore the brunt of the pre-monsoon season, with crops being fully or partially damaged. This resulted in a monetary loss of Rs. 5,492.01 lakh, posing a threat to food security and the livelihoods of farmers.

Damage to private and public properties: Private properties faced significant damage, including houses, shops/factories, and agricultural structures. The report estimates losses amounting to millions of rupees. Public infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, schools, health facilities, and other essential amenities, also suffered extensive damages, creating significant challenges for the affected communities.

Authorities’ response and relief efforts: In response to these tragic events, the government has initiated immediate relief efforts to support the affected individuals and communities. Ex-gratia payments have been provided to the families of the deceased as a gesture of support during these difficult times. The government is also considering rehabilitation and recovery measures to assist those who have suffered significant losses.

As the monsoon season approaches, it is crucial for authorities, communities, and individuals to work together to ensure the safety and resilience of the region. Continuous investments in infrastructure development, early warning systems, and disaster management capabilities are vital. Prioritizing public safety and taking proactive measures will play a crucial role in reducing the loss of lives and property during this period.


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