To the delight of many in town, with temperatures dipping below 4degrees at night in Shimla, preparations start at the historic Shimla Ice skating rink for freezing of Ice. Every year depending on the weather conditions and the temperature these preparation are started anywhere between mid November to first week of December. “ If all goes well then skating should start by December first week this year,” stated organizers.

The Shimla Ice rink which witnessed the lowest ever Ice skating sessions in 2016-17, is hopeful that this year weather Gods would be favorable and increased number of session could be organized.” Though it would all depend on the weather conditions,” stated experts. Optimum weather for freezing of ice is considered to be a clear sky in low temperatures. In case clouds make way then due to the increase in temperature the freezing of ice becomes difficult. And since this rink is using no artificial techniques for freezing of ice, weather conditions play an important role, here, they said.
Last year though in January the temperatures were optimum for freezing of Ice yet skating could not take place. As after the massive spell of snow, the clearing of the rink does take some time. “Especially in the lack any modern techniques/equipment to clear snow from the ground, the process does take a lot of time,” added experts. Thus hampering skating and by the time rink got cleared from snow, the weather again played spoilsport,” added these experts.
The Shimla Ice skating rink dates back from 1920, and enjoys the reputation of being the only natural ice skating rink in South East Asia. Managed by a club administration the place is struggling for its existence as the only natural ice skating rink in the changing weather patterns.


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