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The last year worst water crisis in Shimla was attributed to two reasons. First water sources had dried up due to lesser snow in winters, so pumps could not lift much water. Secondly the water which was being lifted was getting leaked (7-10MLD) enroute due to an old pipeline. This old (British period) pipeline was set to be replaced by funding under AMRUT scheme. The process for replacement of pipeline was started during the left headed MC, and the ground work had also started when the power handle shifted from Congress to BJP in the state. However the pace of change like always was sluggish, while the worst water crisis hit the city in 2018. Then attributed to the massive public outcry and the special interest taken by the state High court (Former Chief Justice), that by oncoming 2019, the summers  water shortage of Shimla city, seems to have been marginally reduced. Not only that under (High court & Public) pressure the governmental agencies had to work over time, but also managed to finish the job in time.

Last year data between 23rd April to 29th April, the water supplied to the city was 253.2 MLD as against requirement of 315MLD. Wherein an average 45MLd was required the city was receiving barely 36MLD per day.  The total shortfall in supply against demand in the final week of April last year was around 62MLD. However current year in the same period the supplies lifted for city are 350.53MLD. The average is 50MLd per day. 36MLD more than the requirement in 7 days. To add this year the water supplies are around 98MLD more than what was being achieved last year, hinting towards a hopeful trend for the two peak summer months. The change seemed even bright when April this year 60MLD record pumping was noted on single day.

Not only that hopes sore high for residents, even tourism industry are hopeful of benefitting from this change.  During tourist season the city requirement is assumed to grow upto 55-60MLd per day, as against 45MLD in normal times. But with current trends of water lifting and the kindness of weather Gods, this tourist season might not suffer water shortage. Though wary of water supply season during the summers, the Mayor of Shimla Municipal Corporation, Kusum Sardet has held a meeting with top officials and asked them to put a contingency plan in place in case the water pimping dips below 45 MDL level.


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