Rain fury force Bride & groom to solemnize wedding online 
Shimla, July 11
The rain fury and unprecedented rainfall in Himachal Pradesh forced a bride the groom to solemnize wedding online which was uploaded on a facebook post by former CPI(M) MLA Rakesh Singha on Monday.

In a first-of-its-kind event in Kotgarh, Himachal Pradesh, a couple named Ashish Singha and Shivani Thakur defied unfavorable weather conditions to celebrate their marriage through an innovative online ceremony. The couple’s determination to proceed with their wedding plans despite challenging circumstances led them to embrace the power of the internet, setting a new trend for future couples and communities facing unforeseen obstacles.

The inclement weather, characterized by heavy rainfall and hazardous road conditions, prevented the traditional wedding procession from reaching its intended destination in Kullu. Landslides and blocked roads posed safety concerns for the guests, forcing the families to explore alternative options. Undeterred by the adverse weather, Ashish and Shivani decided to leverage technology to conduct their wedding virtually.

Through the use of information technology, the couple exchanged vows and celebrated their special day with loved ones in a digital format. This innovative solution not only circumvented the challenges posed by the weather but also ensured the safety and well-being of the guests. Despite physical distances, friends and family could witness and partake in the couple’s union, thanks to the online wedding ceremony.

Even former MLA Sh Rakesh Singha, who had been part of the wedding procession, found himself stranded due to blocked roads. Nonetheless, he was able to attend the marriage virtually, further highlighting the convenience and accessibility of embracing technology for such occasions.

The successful online wedding ceremony in Kotgarh is expected to inspire future couples and communities to consider virtual options when faced with unforeseen circumstances. Mangsu Panchayat Pradhan Sunil Chauhan commended the couple for their determination and praised their use of technology to create a unique and memorable wedding experience. This pioneering event serves as a testament to human resilience and the power of adaptation.


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