Shimla 7 August

“The recognition of Manav Bharati University, that allegedly sold than 6 lakh fake degrees, still stands valid inspite of the government advocating zero tolerance on corruption”, said State Congress Vice President and MLA Rajendra Rana in a press statement issued here.

Rana said that it has now been proved that the mastermind behind this university has sold more than 6 lakh fake degrees in the country and abroad which included number of LLB degrees, on the basis of which many people are practicing in different courts all over.

According to the information received, this mastermind used to sell one degree for one and a half to three lakh rupees. Surprisingly, on the basis of such a fake degree, this person himself is also registered as a lawyer in Jodhpur. He further stated that many government officials who were suppose to investigate the matter became rich over the time. Hefty bank transactions have been done from the person’s account which in-itself demands investigation.

He alleged that fake degrees were sold in the state from past few years and the BJP government should order probe into the matter as per who allowed recognition to the university. He demanded that investigation should be handed over to CBI to provide with clear picture and bring guilty t the task .


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