In Himachal Pradesh Secretariat the appointment of the next Chief Secretary is the general talk. Hope the government will follow the rule of law and save the system from de-railment. The government is required to be run by the advice of advisors like Chanakyas and not Shakunis. No doubt in every government there are advisors belonging to both of the clans i.e. ‘Chanakyas’ and ‘Shakunis’. But if the Chanakyas outnumber the Shakunis the popularity of the government gets strength everyday. If the number of Shakunis outnumber the Chanakyas the destruction and the fall of the government is certain and sure.

Seniority is a rule of promotion. Supersession is an exception, a rare exception. Here rule of exception if not interpreted shall mean the doubtful integrity- serious charges of corruption against the senior. Now let us examine the other requirement-  merit. What are the relative merits of two? Subjective assessment of merit is not the rule of administrative action. Merit has to be assessed on impartialities. Merit includes devotion to duty, honesty, efficiency, sincerity, integrity and some other qualities which are expected in every government employee if not adjudged otherwise. Loyalty and suitability to an individual do not fall in the zone of merit. Every government employee is expected to be loyal and sincere to his duty, to the government and the people.

 Rule of law has to be observed dispassionately in the matters of promotion of the employees of the government department. The chair of the power should not divide the employees into two categories i.e. loyal and not loyal. The head of the government is the trustee of all employees. He should trust each and every employee as far as an employee is not adjudged otherwise. Every government should respect the established principles of rule of law and respect the system based on such rules. There is always a scope for improvement of the system and sometimes at some stages overhauling is also required. The system should not be spoiled and destroyed. Subsequent governments have damaged the system to some extent. The damages need to be repaired.


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