Shimla, June 7
The State Election Commission wants to hold Shimla MC polls simultaneously with bye-elections of Panchayat Raj Institution, informed a spokesperson of SEC today. Preparations have started for Shimla Municipal Corporation elections as District Election Officer and DC have notified 122 polling stations in 36 wards of Shimla. The polling stations of the remaining five wards will also be notified soon on clearance of objections of the people regarding the delimitation. The State Election Commission has also asked DC Shimla to settle the objections and suggestions of the five wards about delimitation proceed as Himachal Pradesh High Court has directed to review the delimitation process in five wards so that the work of preparing the voter list for MC Shimla elections in these five wards could be started soon.
The spokesperson of SEC said earlier that it would miss the deadline of holding the MC poll in time, i.e. before June 17, 22. They said that now they have started the internal exercise for MC elections, which will be completed by June 25. If the dispute of delimitation of wards of Shimla MC is resolved soon, then bye-elections of Panchayati Raj Institutions will also be held simultaneously.
Five days would be given in preparation for the electoral roll, and additional seven days would be given for appeal. It is expected that by June 25, DC, Shimla will complete the work of settling the objection regarding delimitation. In such a situation, by June 26, the State Election Commission will publish the draft roll of the voter list of all 41 wards simultaneously. The Election Commission wants that by June 25, if the objections to the delimitation of all the wards are settled, then the draft roll will be published. Simultaneously they will prepare the voter list of all the 41 wards. Yet, to achieve it first, the DC Shimla is required to fix the boundaries of all the wards because due to the same in five wards of Shimla, the dispute went to court. State Election Commission will be able to prepare a voter list in all the wards of Shimla only after the draft roll is published.
State Election Commission wants that, along with MC Shimla, the by-elections, Including Pradhan, Up-Pradhan, Panchayat Samiti and Ward members, should also be held simultaneously in Zilla Parishad and other Panchayats in Rampur.


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