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Sermons on meat eating: CPI(M) demands apology from IIT Mandi director”

Shimla, Sept 10,

The CPI(M) has demanded an apology from Dr. Laxmidhar Behera, Director of IIT Mandi, for his recent comments and attempts to influence students on the topic of natural disasters in the state. In an open letter to the Director, CPI(M) Secretary Onkar Shad criticized the director’s views, stating that they lacked scientific credibility and professionalism.
The letter specifically called out Dr. Behera’s sermons to students on meat consumption, deeming them unscientific and contradictory to the values and ethics expected from the leader of an institute. The Party argued that the director’s views were an infringement on students’ freedom and created an uncomfortable situation by imposing dietary restrictions in the institute’s mess.

It has been reported in the press and some parts are reproduced hereunder as such:: * … while calling on the students to take a pledge of not eating meat, claimed that incidents of landslides and cloud bursts in the state are due to cruelty to  animals are happening …. “
“If we keep doing this , Himachal Pradesh will further deteriorate … You are killing animals there … innocent animals . It also has a symbiotic relationship with environmental degradation … which you can’t  see right now but it’s there.”And Frequent landslides, cloud bursts and many other things a happening, all these are the effects of cruelty to animals … people eat meat.  ” To become a good person , what should you do ? Stop eating meat . “

Dr. Shad questioned the director’s claim that incidents of landslides and cloud bursts in Himachal Pradesh were linked to cruelty to animals, particularly meat consumption. The Party highlighted that such natural disasters have complex causes, including climate change, rainfall patterns, and human activities such as hill cutting and dam construction, which cannot be solely attributed to meat eating.
The CPI(M) expressed concern that the director’s statements hurt the sentiments of the people of Himachal Pradesh and their cultural values, especially at a time when many were dealing with the devastating aftermath of natural disasters. The Party called for an unconditional apology from Dr. Behera for his remarks, emphasizing the need for empathy and sensitivity toward the 80 lakh people in Himachal Pradesh affected by the recent calamities.


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