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June 26, 2020

After a Signature campaign memorandum handed over parents and the Student-Parent forum (Chatr Abhibhvak Manch) the Director, Department of Higher Education, Himachal Pradesh has ordered strict action on seven private schools of Shimla. The order issued by the education department stated that the Government of Himachal Pradesh vide its order 27.5.2020 and 10.6.2020 had advised all private schools of the state to not charge anything else except tuition fees from students during the period of lock-down (Till schools are closed). Also, the order stated that instead of taking a fee every quarter, the fee should be collected monthly. Adding, that teaching charges would only be charged from those who have been given online education material/ classes. The order further had stated that ‘tuition fee’ shall also not be increased, neither would any other hidden charge be allowed to be added in tuition fee. The state government order had further stated that in case any student/parent fails to deposit fee in the period of lock-down, the names of the students will not be struck from rolls.

“ However, Laurette School, Bharari, DAV senior secondary School Lakkar bazaar, Saraswati paradise school, Sanjauli, Dayanand Public School, Shimla, Auckland house school Shimla, DAV School Totu and Shishu Shikha Nikaten School Totu have failed to adhere the orders of the state cabinet, as they have been charging fees on their whims and fancies.

“The alleged schools have amalgamated Annual Charges into Tuition fees and are charging the same in quarterly installment, stated the order by Director Education. Besides these schools are mentally humiliating those who have not deposited the fee in the stipulated time given by them. “ Moreover they have even strike-out- students from the online study groups, for non-payment of fees,” reads the order further.

Therefore, all deputy Directors concerned have been instructed to start the procedure for penalizing these schools for non-compliance with state government orders. A report in the matter has also been sought from Deputy Directors in the matter.


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