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Shimla, June 25,2020

Ritanjali Hastir

To be a true nationalist and patriot it is not important to be a part of Indian army but being citizen of the country by default each owes everything to the motherland. Engulfed by the emotion, common people have decided to play their role by uniting together and showing their support to the soldiers through a facebook campaign called “52seconds_for_nation”. This campaign urges all to take out 52 seconds, sit in front of one’s mobile or computer and sing the National anthem, alone, or in a group at a fixed date on a fixed time.

In recent times when India along with the rest of the world is fighting a war against Pandemic COVID-19, China has opened up another frontier at the border to test patience and tolerance of each Indian. The dispute has already claimed lives of twenty brave soldiers that has affected the minds and hearts of all Indians.

Therefore the entire Nation has united to fight against China.  May it be in the form of boycott China movement where all are openly saying no to their products, or other such campaigns, currently anger is raging high against the neighborhood Nation.

Joining the emotion, youth of Shimla have urged that all should unite together and spread the message of unity through social sites thus even giving boost to the morale of our army. “Every citizen is urged that no matter where; at 11 am on June 28, all should devote only 52 seconds of their life for the country. In these 52 seconds, the whole world will see and hear the  power of youth in India, as all one has to do is recite National anthem on Facebook page or ID, sing alone, or with your group.

This small initiative on the part of citizens will not only reflect upon the unity to the whole world,  but also be a small tribute to our martyred soldiers. The organizers request that the ones who will join this campaign, must add #tag # 52second_for_nation during Facebook Live.


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