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Shimla, March 1
Terming the Delhi former Deputy Chief minister Manish Sisodia completely honest personally, BJP stalwart and Former Chief Minister Shanta Kumar embarrassed the rulling BJP after praising him. Noteworthy that Sisodia has been arrested by CBI in an alleged corruption case of Delhi Liquior policy.
Kumar in a Social media post stated that CBI did not find anything in the  raid and search of his house.
The post on Social media page of Kumar said that the Aam Aadmi Party formed the government under the nose of the BJP at the Center by defeating the saffron party badly in the capital Delhi. Worked for five years, formed the government again. This was a great achievement of the party born 11 years ago from the anti-corruption movement.
Manish Sisodia became famous as the Deputy Chief Minister who did excellent work with a clean image, but today he is locked in jail. He said that there are allegations and counter-allegations from both sides. It is also very difficult to think that without any crime the C.B.I. has put Sisodia in jail.
The former CM stated the conclusion of today’s situation is that the roots of corruption have become so deep that every train running from the station of virtue is now reaching the station of corruption.
Shanta Kumar said that another fact is also deeply worth considering that  Sisodia’s house was thoroughly searched. His bank lockers were all searched but C.B.I. didn’t find anything anywhere. Overall, the charge against him is that he made a liquor policy which benefited the traders.
This also leads to a conclusion that, though Sisodia is completely honest personally but must have done this to get money for the party and elections. In my opinion this is true and if it is true then the country will have to take some new decisions very seriously.
He said that after 75 years of independence, today India has reached a place where our democracy starts with black money and lies. Crores of billions of rupees spent on elections are black money, he claimed.
Parties take money from big businessmen. Those merchants do not give charity. Later, with the help of the ruling, they make money through corruption. This is how India’s democracy starts with black money and after winning the election, all the representatives present a false account of election expenditure to the Election Commission.
How could everything be good in a country whose democracy starts with black money and lies, Former union minister who retired from active poltics questioned.


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